Ford Technology

Why we love the Ford Focus Hatchback 0

Reliable, stylish and always one step ahead of rivals, the Ford Focus has it all. We’ll explain what attributes make it consistently one of the best selling cars in the world in our article today. Perhaps the car’s best-selling point is that there so many variants to choose from! There is a variant for every(…)

Dropping the price of oil won’t slow down Green Car sales – Ford 0

The executive chairman of Ford Motor Company has said that dropping the prices of oil will not discourage consumers from purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles. Ford is a company who are very keen on developing green automotive technology. Bill Ford, who is the great-grandson of Henry Ford will continue to follow that vision. He said that the(…)

Design your own apps for your Ford 0

We have already seen Bluetooth and iPod connectivity in cars, along with clever computers that calculate various statistics for you to see. Now some new Ford technology will hope to take things that step further. The new venture will be a way of getting programmers and developers on board to create applications for cars through(…)