Ford profits

Ford see profits fall dramatically in 2014 0

Ford’s profits fell dramatically in 2014 after a very unfortunate year littered with recalls and failings in South America. Troubles in Ford’s Venezuela sector Although $3.2 billion sounds like a lot, it represents a 56% drop in profits for Ford in relation to the whole year. The fourth quarter of the year saw the sharpest(…)

The mess in Europe affecting Ford’s profits 0

Ford is performing wonders in their home country of North America and is progressing well in the emerging markets of India and China. However their profits are expected to be heavily affected in a negative manner thanks to the Euro Zone crisis. The company made great losses in the second quarter, losing as much as(…)

Ford hit profit for the third year in a row 0

Ford’s staffs are set for a bonus after helping the company make profit for the third year in a row. The profit margin itself was the largest for 13 years. Staff bonus Thanks to strong sales in North America, Ford’s losses did not make much of an impact. In effect 41,600 hourly staff throughout America(…)