Ford Mustang

The One and Only Ford Mustang Obsidian Is Soon To Be Auctioned 0

Everyone who loves cars, either dream that they could either build a car or own a fast car. But for one man in the United States, he managed to do both. After completely modifying a 1967 Ford Mustang, he managed to create a one of a kind classic car. Years later, after changing owners multiple(…)

Ford see profits fall dramatically in 2014 0

Ford’s profits fell dramatically in 2014 after a very unfortunate year littered with recalls and failings in South America. Troubles in Ford’s Venezuela sector Although $3.2 billion sounds like a lot, it represents a 56% drop in profits for Ford in relation to the whole year. The fourth quarter of the year saw the sharpest(…)

Is the Ford Mustang no longer a pure muscle car? 0

Since its release, the Ford Mustang has been an iconic muscle car across the world, containing power and and attitude in abundance. Being in its celebratory 50th year, many believe that the car hasn’t quite maintained it’s fierce demeanor. The Mustang has been so iconic to so many that it has embodied what an American(…)

Will 2015 be Ford’s year? 1

Ford are known for being one of the top automotive producers in the UK. For decades, they have been on top simply because they never sit still, always managing to strengthen their appeal within the automotive market, keeping current customers intrigued and catching the interest of new customers. The launch of several new models this(…)

Dropping the price of oil won’t slow down Green Car sales – Ford 0

The executive chairman of Ford Motor Company has said that dropping the prices of oil will not discourage consumers from purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles. Ford is a company who are very keen on developing green automotive technology. Bill Ford, who is the great-grandson of Henry Ford will continue to follow that vision. He said that the(…)

The 2015 Mustang to be released in America 0

The brand new Ford Mustang is on the verge of being released in America. The car offers more technology and power than ever before. There will be an emphasis on fuel efficiency in one of the models, a term not usually associated with the power of the Mustang. The engine choices will come from a(…)

Jeremy Clarkson’s going to love the new Mustang… 0

Ford is so confident that their new Ford Mustang will be well taken too, they have stated even Jermemy Clarkson will love it. Clarkson, known for fronting the hugely popular BBC 2 car show Top Gear is one of the most respected car critics in the UK. He was recently highly critical of the latest(…)

Can I get a Mustang? 0

Ford Mustang Although quite rare in the UK, every car enthusiast has heard of the Ford Mustang. It’s a car that many wish to own, with a lot of glory and power coming with the car. The reputation is second to none, all Mustang owners are very proud.You may not be able to afford the(…)