Ford Kuga

A New Face for A New Market? 0

Ford has shown us what the future of their SUV is like, and it looks like a very recognisable. The 2017 Ford Kuga is a European face-lifted version of the American Ford Escape. The Kuga has been present on the roads of the UK since 2008 and we are soon going to see it in(…)

Ford and Volvo try to woo younger buyers at Spanish tech show 0

To attract the younger, millennial generations car makers have realised they have to switch lanes and bypass some of the tech world’s traffic. Following a growing trend of carmakers showcasing their latest models and software at tech shows, Ford and Volvo made appearances at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. Giants of the(…)

Ford Kuga increases production 0

The Ford Kuga’s production is set to increase. Following it’s great success last year and with increasing demand, it is now necessary that production is increased. For the first time ever production of the Kuga will reach 100,000 for a year. Family’s are now tending to switch over from saloon cars to SUV’s. In a(…)

Ford Kuga Titanium 2.0 0

The new Ford Kuga Titanium is an underrated car which fell off the radar over the past few years. A newer version has been released to change those perceptions. This version was developed across the Atlantic and was made even bigger. This time round it has even more equipment too. The engine line-up has been(…)

News of the upcoming Ford Kuga 0

The Ford Kuga is not the most glamorous vehicle bit is quite a successful one in its specific market segment. Will slot in anywhere This time round the Ford Kuga is expected to appeal to further car markets across the world. Designers carried out research from round the world, attempting to discover ways of allowing(…)