Ford Jobs

More than 300 jobs to be created at Ford Dagenham 0

Ford has announced that they will create 318 new jobs at their Dagenham factory. The plans come after a £190 million investment for low carbon engines. Production at the Dagenham plant is increasing. The funding will be pushed towards more low carbon diesel engines are in demand for Ford cars and vans. £8.9 million of(…)

Ford closures, the effect on the UK economy 0

Ford’s closures throughout the UK are sure to affect the automotive industry in a very negative manner. 1,400 jobs are set to go at Ford. The recent announcement made headlines throughout the UK. Despite Britain overcoming a double dip recession, the news that Ford are certain to cut around 1,400 jobs has brought a sour(…)

Ford Fusion production move brings 4000 jobs to the USA 0

American Ford Jobs are set to surge. The company are moving operations from Mexico and other parts of the world to the USA. This was confirmed in our earlier report as one of the factors that allowed strike action to be called off. Harley Shaiken, a Labour Professor was quoted to have said “Jobs have(…)

Ford to add 7000 jobs in the USA 0

This week there has been some very encouraging news for the currently struggling American automotive industry. The world’s largest economy is set to receive a tremendous boost in order to revive its fortunes thanks to Ford. At present Ford is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the USA and employ 75,000 people throughout the country.(…)