Introducing the new Ford EcoSport 0

The new, facelifted Ford EcoSport is set to be released at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. This will mark the second reworking of the car; a first facelift took place in 2015 but the forthcoming version is said to be much more intensive than before. Sporting revised styling (borrowing heavily from the larger Kuga/Escape(…)

Ford Australia In Court 0

Ford Australia is in a very confusing court case at this moment in time. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of class action law suits occurring right now. Everyone knows about the US and Volkswagen case as it has been in the news nonstop. More recently there has been a call for Ford to(…)

2017 Ford EcoSport 0

The Ford EcoSport has been available for purchase since 2012. It is now four years on and the vehicle is undergoing a mid-cycle facelift. The compact SUV has been a huge hit in specific markets including China, India and South America. Of course the car will be adapted for different markets, but the general look(…)

Ford Recalls 48,700 Vehicles 0

Ford India has just issued a recall that affects 48,700 vehicles across the country. Although this figure can be split in two, it is still a huge recall that may be detrimental to the company in their attempt to dominate the Indian motor market. At this moment in time, Ford is the seventh largest automotive(…)

The Ford Fiesta EcoSport SUV/Crossover 0

Ford has reportedly revealed details of their Ford Fiesta EcoSport SUV/Crossover through their Indian website by mistake. It appeared as the “Fiesta EcoSport” on the website. Rumours There have been rumours for months now that Ford was looking to create a SUV / Crossover version of the Ford Fiesta. The rumours were rife when spy(…)