The electric Ford Focus 0

An electric Ford Focus is set to hit 19 different markets next year. Just when you thought the car couldn’t get any greener?

Surprisingly Ford has taken a while to enter to electric car market. Many have put that down to a slow rise in that particular market. Nevertheless it is starting to pick up. Many motorists will turn to electric cars with the rise of keeping a car on the road getting higher and higher.

What better model to turn electric than the Focus? It has a wonderful reputation worldwide for being very a very economical vehicle that’s perfect for the modern day family. The news has been announced in America, with it going on sale for $39,995. It won’t be a luxurious type of vehicle however, with minimal extras offered. One of the options is said to be leather seats.

The all electric Nissan Leaf has sold 8,000 units so far which is quite a considerable amount and shows that there is a demand in the market at present. Ford will have to have a competitive edge over the car in order to break through the market. The company hope to do this by allowing the car’s electric battery to charge in just three hours. If that’s possible, this will mean that it takes half the time than what it takes to charge the Leaf. Considering that the Ford Focus Electric will be a lot pricier than the Nissan Leaf, you would expect Ford to offer more advantageous features upon the car’s launch.

It won’t be a car that’s designed for speed or intense performance, as you may have guessed. It will be able to achieve 123 BHP and have a top speed of 84 MPH. The car’s environmental credentials haven’t yet been released yet but they are to be outstanding. Emphasis of the car will wholly surround that of environmental friendliness with zero emissions.

There has been no news of when the car will released here in the UK. Some sources claim that the Ford Focus electric will be able to be reserved in America at some point next year. Fans are eagerly anticipating the showcase of the car in Seattle and so are we.