Ford Mondeo Servicing 0

The Ford Mondeo continues to be successful since its arrival in the early 1990’s. It’s smooth drive, spacious within and excellent running costs make it a very popular family car. Over 1.3 million Ford Mondeo’s have been sold in the UK since its arrival. Both the petrol and diesel engines make the Mondeo deliver fantastic(…)

Ford Fiesta Servicing 1

The Ford Fiesta is an iconic car which has been very successful throughout all of its generations. The car is placed in the “supermini” class that offers a great driving experience. The car has got slightly larger as it has evolved since it’s introduction in the 1970’s. This also means an increase of power. However(…)

Ford Kuga Servicing 0

The Kuga is a safe large family car built with plenty of comfort. It offers practicality and is a very good choice for an SUV. The diesel option offers particularly good economy, with the 2litre engine offering around 44mpg. The Kuga is also known as quite a reliable car, with it being said that owners(…)

Ford C-Max Servicing 0

The C-Max is a multipurpose vehicle that holds 5 passengers. It’s an excellent car that contains plenty of space and handles brilliantly. With all ranges of the C-Max, they come quite well equipped. The running costs are quite low and the car is fairly safe and secure. Both the 2.0-litre TDCi and the 1.6 TDCi(…)

Ford Fusion Servicing 0

The Fusion gives owners a larger car with the handling and low running costs of a smaller car. Its driving position is quite high makes it very comfortable for the driver. In general the whole car can hold 5 adults very comfortably. Newer models have fantastic technology making driving a better experience for owners. The(…)

Ford Maverick Servicing 0

The Ford Maverick is a 4×4 introduced to the British market in the early 2000’s. It was available as a brand new car for 2 years as it ended production in 1993. The 3.0 litre version was around 194bhp with it hitting 0-60mph in around 10 seconds. The 2.0 litre version is slower but on(…)

Ford S-Max Servicing 0

The S-Max is a multi purpose vehicle that is designed to suit all types of drivers. All variants of the model give great performance. The room within the car offers great practicality for family trips. Five adults are able to sit in complete comfort and child seats can be fitted with ease.  Models come quite(…)

Ford Galaxy Servicing 0

The Galaxy is one of Britain’s best known space cruisers. Since its arrival it has continued to be a success with 3 generations being released since 1995. New innovative features with every new model have made it very popular. Newer models will have PowerShift transmission which makes the car easier to drive and delivers better(…)

Ford Streetka Servicing 0

The StreetKa is simply a supermini roadster version of the Ford Ka. It offered drivers who wanted a fun to car to drive at an affordable price. When introduced it was a great success. The car was particularly popular with females. A stylish convertible which offered a 1.6 engine that produces 94 BHP. Two airbags(…)