Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 0

The new Ford ECOnetic 1.0 litre will cost between £8,350 and £13,590. We take a look at the car today and reveal if it is worth the price tag or not. Excellent economical values The car is all about its outstanding economy. It is able to achieve a staggering 85.6 MPG and hit emissions of(…)

Ford to concentrate on SUVs in China 0

Ford is implementing a clever strategy throughout the Chinese automotive market. They understand that the current trend and best sellers are sports utility vehicles. Building SUV’s in China Ford wants to heavily concentrate on SUV’s for the world’s largest car market. Ford want to go as far building two of them in China according to(…)

Ford Focus Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost 0

The Ford Focus Zetec 1.0 Ecoboost promises to be one of the economically friendly vehicles on the market. It will go on sale for a price of £19,195, but is it worth it? Inside the cabin Inside the cabin there is a plenty to be admired. The equipment list includes Torque Vectoring Control, a Bluetooth(…)

Ford’s Dagenham plant 1

Ford’s Dagenham plant is perhaps its most famous site across the UK as well as Europe. During the factories heyday there were a total of 34,000 employees, back in 1960. A total of 340,000 cars per year were produced. In 1996 the 10 millionth Ford was built. No one would have expected what was to(…)

Ford believe EU trading laws will mean job losses 0

Stephen Odell has been quoted in the press to have said that free trade deals with Asian economies will cause job losses here in Europe. Over the past one year, 450,000 South Korean vehicles have been imported into Europe. This is a stark contrast for the return statistic, as only 75,000 were built here in(…)

Ford threatened with strikes in the UK 0

After narrowly avoiding strike action in the United States Ford are now threatened with strikes here in the UK. If the strikes do go ahead, they will be the first since 1970. Ford employ a total of 15,000 workers around the United Kingdom. Fewer benefits for newcomers The Ford division of the Unite Trade Union,(…)

The American 2013 Ford Escape 0

Recently there has been plenty of hype surrounding the 2013 Ford Escape, due out in the United States next year. Why change? 2011 was the vehicles best year ever. It managed to shift more than 250,000 units alone. If the car is seemingly performing so well in the sales charts, why change it? The style(…)

News of the upcoming Ford Kuga 0

The Ford Kuga is not the most glamorous vehicle bit is quite a successful one in its specific market segment. Will slot in anywhere This time round the Ford Kuga is expected to appeal to further car markets across the world. Designers carried out research from round the world, attempting to discover ways of allowing(…)

Ford to force plant closures in Australia 0

Ford is set to close plants across Australia for one week it has been confirmed. The decision comes after administrators were appointed at CMI Industrial, a parts manufacturer in Australia. Sinead Phipps, Ford’s spokeswoman in Australia said that on Thursday the 26th April, car production would come to a halt. She said that business will(…)

Ford profits not as rosy as they may appear 1

Ford’s first quarter profits were an outstanding achievement but they will be dampened by the fact that they have made tremendous losses outside of the United States. The grass is greener on the other side One major factor in Ford’s recent rise to prominence is the fact that they have dedicated themselves to pushing out(…)