Ford recall 10,000 Escape SUV’s 0

Ford has announced that they are to recall more than 10,000 Escape SUV’s following safety fears. The problem stems from the carpet on the driver’s side. All recalls of vehicles began on July the 23rd.  Ford reported that there have been no incidents or accidents stemming from the carpet problem. The main issue is that(…)

Ford increases production at their Chennai plant 0

Ford has expanded their plant in Chennai, India to up the engine production figures to 340,000. That represents an increase of 36 per cent with 80,000 extra engines able to be developed. A total of $72 million was invested in the expansion. The facility has been revamped into a major engine production factory. In just(…)

Ford Focus MK II prices revealed in Australia 0

Ford Australia has released their pricing along with all specifications of the latest Focus MK II model which is set to hit showrooms on August 1st. Recently the Ford Focus MK II has seen a shift of production from Germany to Thailand. This has opened the door for greater advanced technology to be included within(…)

Ford doing better than expected with EcoBoost engines 0

Ford is over achieving and over hitting targets with their EcoBoost engines. Originally America’s second largest automotive company were hoping to sell approximately 1.5 million engines by the year 2013. It has been confirmed that Ford are now way on track to beating that figure and will sell in excess of 1.6 turbocharged EcoBoost engines.(…)

Ford Dagenham announce their 40 millionth engine 0

Ford’s plant in Dagenham, Essex has announced that they have developed their 40th millionth engine. The Ford Dagenham plant is the most famous Ford factory in the UK and possibly Europe. News of their remarkable achievement has reached headlines in the automotive industry as well as the national news. Engines have been manufactured at the(…)

Ford B-Max production already started in Romania 0

Ford has begun the production of the upcoming B-Max in Romania. 60,000 models are expected to be created in the country by the end of the year. Stephen Odell, the CEO of Ford Europe has said “This is a great day for Ford Motor Company, our Craiova manufacturing facility, and for Romania. This is a(…)

440 Ford workers forced out of jobs 0

Ford Australia have announced that they to let go of 440 employees in Australia. In what in shocking news to the Australian and the worldwide automotive industry, many have been left devastated by the announcement. The staff concerned will be dropped from plants in Melbourne and Geelong. The Australian Government stood firm on their stance(…)

Ford worried about the state of the European economy 0

Like all other mass car producers in Europe, Ford is worrying about the state of the European car market. They are now planning on reviewing their five year internal business plan in order to take into consideration their recent failures within the European market. Currently Ford is second behind General Motors in the American car(…)

The Ford Focus 1.0 sets new world records 0

For those of you, who assumed that the Ford Focus would be a slow coach, maybe you should think again. The exceptional vehicle has set 16 new FIA world records for cars with engines 1.0 litre or below. It must be mentioned that during the tests, the Ford Focus 1.0 litre was being driven by(…)

Ford’s steady progress in China 1

Ford is one of the world’s most famous car brands, selling extremely in established car markets such as here in the UK as well its home nation, the United States. However the company understand that they have to step up their game in the world’s largest car market, China if they are to topple main(…)