A look back at the Ford Focus ST at the 2012 SEMA show 0

The Ford Focus ST made a huge impact at the 2012 SEMA show. We were lucky enough to see five different heavily customised ST Hatchbacks at the event. Steeda, Cosworth and Galpin have all contributed towards the vehicle’s modifications at the SEMA show. Each model was powered by 2.0 litre EcoBoost engines, a very special(…)

Ford closures, the effect on the UK economy 0

Ford’s closures throughout the UK are sure to affect the automotive industry in a very negative manner. 1,400 jobs are set to go at Ford. The recent announcement made headlines throughout the UK. Despite Britain overcoming a double dip recession, the news that Ford are certain to cut around 1,400 jobs has brought a sour(…)

The Ford Fusion is the green car for 2012 0

Over in America, the Ford Fusion has managed to secure a green car of the year award from the Green Car Journal in 2012, enhancing its prospects and potential. The Ford Fusion is now the least expensive model to ever win the award. In the past, electric and hybrid cars have been way over priced(…)

Ford Fiesta achieves 108.78 MPG 0

The Ford Fiesta has managed to achieve an outstanding 108.78 MPG in a recent “real world challenge”. The car took part in the SLD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG marathon where it managed to record the tremendous score. Its Econetic 1.6 TDCi allowed the Fiesta to come first in the event, winning by six MPG. Andrew Marriot(…)

Ford’s energy saving carbon fibre bonnet 0

Ford is always looking at ways of making their cars and production more efficient and environmentally friendly. This time round Ford has announced that they have developed a prototype carbon fibre bonnet. You have seen them on modified sports cars, being of a black colour. Carbon fibre bonnets are nothing new and out of the(…)

The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport 0

The new Ford Explorer Sport will only be made available across the Atlantic in the United States. The car has a starting price of $29,159. The new model gets the typical improvements of emissions, fuel efficiency and in car technology with the addition of MyFord Touch. On top of that, this time round Ford has(…)

The Ford EcoSport set to arrive in Europe 1

Ford has been announcing that the EcoSport is set to arrive here in the European Region. Originally unveiled at the Delhi Motor Show, the car was originally destined for emerging car markets where sales were expected to be quite high. The EcoSport has hit markets such as the Brazil and India and will make its(…)

Ford Sales in September 0

Sales of Ford vehicles within the American car industry have surprisingly fallen in September. The same goes for main rivals General Motors. Chrysler sales on the other hand have increased. Overall the statistics for America’s car sales were strong despite the two leading companies faltering. Ford’s sales were 0.1% worse off than September 2011. General(…)

The new 2013 Ford Mondeo 2

Images for the new 2013 Ford Mondeo have been released. It has been clearly based upon the Ford Evos, a concept car seen at the Frankfurt Show in 2011. The Mondeo is a popular car her in the UK but no longer reaches the heights as it once did. The car was a top seller(…)

Ford to get even greener 0

Ford is one of the leaders within the automotive industry when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly ways of working. Nowadays we don’t go too long before we hear of Ford taking on yet another greener method of car production. This time round Ford is working on using natural fibre materials. They have joined forces(…)