The 2017 Ford Fusion 0

Some time ago we talked about the 2017 Ford Fusions mid-cycle facelift and stated that the vehicle is an American model. We also mentioned that the vehicle was the cousin of the European Ford Mondeo and therefore, we should expect a mid-cycle facelift here soon too. So, there are multiple new features which will be(…)

2017 Ford EcoSport 0

The Ford EcoSport has been available for purchase since 2012. It is now four years on and the vehicle is undergoing a mid-cycle facelift. The compact SUV has been a huge hit in specific markets including China, India and South America. Of course the car will be adapted for different markets, but the general look(…)

The Ford Fiesta 2018 0

The Ford Fiesta is set for its upgrade to the next generation. Labelled the 2018 Fiesta, we expect it to be released towards the end of 2017 and it will be an excellent car. We understand that the vehicle will become a lot bigger and longer in order for it to compete in a different(…)

The Fiesta ST200 0

We recently mentioned that the Ford Focus underwent a limited edition change and therefore, the Focus ST200 was born as a limited edition. The limited edition has now been transferred to the Ford Fiesta as a celebration of its accomplishments as a vehicle over the years. So, there will be 400 limited edition Ford Fiesta(…)

Ford for the Filthy Rich 0

The Ford F-Series has been one of the best selling trucks ever sold in the United States and Ford to further the trucks sales further, will be introducing the next generation in the up and coming months. The new F-Series will certainly have many features but, what is most interesting is the addition of its(…)

Ford Concerned About Brexit 0

With the referendum soon upon Britain for membership in the EU, many companies from all over the world are looking at the polls and are consequently developing new business plans for what looks like an ever increasingly more likely Brexit. Of course these plans will be implemented if Britain leaves the EU but in the(…)

Ford Are Now Adding to the Recall List 0

The Takata airbag recall may be, if not now, one of the biggest recalls not only in the motoring world but maybe in consumer history. There have been millions recalled already, and now Ford has just added another 1.9 million to this list in just North America. Reported issues with inflators came to the forefront(…)

Lego Ford Used as a Celebration 0

The 18th and 19th of June represent the 84th instalment of the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race. This event which takes place in a small town just outside of Paris whicj is usually sleepy and quiet, but for this weekend, thousands gather in order to watch the top car companies battle for endurance(…)

Ford Fusion Receives Battery Upgrade 0

We have recently mentioned the fact that the Ford Fusion is undergoing a facelift for 2017. By investigating this facelift, we attempted to look into what the Mondeo (as the European equivalent) may be like. So with the newest news that the Ford Fusion Energi is receiving a battery upgrade, should we expect to see(…)

The Ford Focus RS Mountune 0

Ford’s new Focus is an amazing little car, there is no doubt that. Not only does it look very stylish, it has impressive technical statistics and ride comfort too. Turning out 345bhp and achieving 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, how can these statistics improve whilst keeping the car intact? Well the answer to this question is(…)