Ford to Make Cars from CO2? 0

The automotive world has changed so drastically in recent years. So no longer are they stuck in the middle ages. The automotive industry seems to be one of the guiding technological lights in the modern era. From autonomous driving capabilities, to all electric cars, the industry is advancing at an alarming rate. And it seems(…)

Will Ford Soon Be Selling Their Engine? 0

Ford may soon start selling one of its most prized possessions to date, the engine to their GT supercar. Much like Chevrolet have done with their LS V8 engine, this move will allow the company to have market shares in either road or track car companies. The engine so far, has had massive success as(…)

Ford GT Applications Are Now Closed 0

A while back, we mentioned here at Servicing Stop that Ford was making an application process for those who wanted to buy the new GT Supercar. We mentioned back then that there was an overwhelming amount of applicants for the vehicle. Now that the applications are now closed, we can take a look at how(…)

Ford Paid $200,000 for a Used Tesla Model X 0

Yes, you heard it right. Ford just spent almost $200,000 to buy a used Tesla Model X. This is an absolutely huge sum of money for a brand new vehicle which as of yet, is still having quite big teething problems. So, why did Ford spend $55,000 more than the asking price in order to(…)

The Ford KA+ 0

The Ford KA has been a well known vehicle for a long time now and we must sadly announce that the most recent model has come to the end of its rather successful life. The little run around has managed to sell successfully as a first time car, and then with its upgrade, it managed(…)

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric 0

Our American cousins have seen the recent release of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric and as of yet, there has been no news on when the vehicle will make its debut in the UK. So, with limited information available to us, what should we expect when the vehicle becomes available over here? From what we(…)

Ford to Unleash the ST-Line 0

Ford is set to release a new upgrade package for both the Fiesta and the Focus. The new package has been placed perfectly for consumers to purchase a sporty vehicle without it being too ‘sporty’. Named the ST-Line, this new package will sit in between the original vehicle and the sportier ST upgrade. So, what(…)

What Is Happening At Ford? 0

Something pretty massive or simply weird must be happening at Ford right now as the Assistant Chief Engineer has just handed in his resignation. This comes as a huge surprise as the enormous amount of time spent at Ford alongside the projects that this man has been involved in, would have surely made the departure(…)

Ford Mustang New Wrap 0

When we see a vehicle with a wrap it can be very exciting. There have been many different wraps which have been created from the imagination of many creative’s. We have recently talked about the many BMW vehicles which have had original wraps but this time round, we have seen a Ford Mustang wrapped up,(…)

Ford Focus Special Edition 0

Many companies release special edition vehicles as a means to celebrate certain events. Now that the Ford Focus is 40 years old, Ford are releasing a special anniversary edition of one of the most famous hatchback cars of all time. Named the Ford Focus ST200, the vehicle utilises the ST sports variant but goes one(…)