The new MyFord smart phone App 0

Ford has created a new smart phone app that goes hand in hand with the brand new Ford Focus electric. Ford has revealed its functionalities, with many of the automotive press praising the app.

The MyFord Mobile app will be made available to all three smart phone operating systems, the iOS, Blackberry OS and Android. The new app will only be made available once the car is placed into showrooms.


The app is so clever that drivers will be rewarded for safer and cleaner driving, drive around on the last bit of running electricity and charge up their car in the cheapest way possible.

How much left?

The amount of juice left in the car is displayed to the user in a very detailed way. Not only will you be able to see the percentage of the amount of fuel that is left, but you will be able to check how many miles there are left to drive. The information isn’t generic either. Everything is estimated depending on the driver’s history and method of driving.

Route planning

Using the MyFord app users will be able to check on the very nearest electric charging station route planning can be designed for drivers to identify to take a specific route whereby electric charging stations are available.


Seeing how your driving effects the amount electric charge and fuel that is left in such a detailed way may indeed bring drivers to improve their habits. Driving in a more stable and sensible fashion will bring about greater safety amongst roads. National competitions through a social network integrated into the MyFord app will create even more of an incentive for drivers.

Cheapest electricity rates

From home the electric charge can be manipulated so that the Focus can charge itself overnight when the cheapest rates are in force.

Set off functions before going in

Before you set off in the winter, the car’s heating is able to be switched on allowing you to jet off in warmth immediately rather than driving around waiting for the car to be warmed up.

The Ford Focus Electric has not been made available yet to America or the UK. After hearing of the app the car is surely even more anticipated amongst fans.