Ford Fusion Receives Battery Upgrade 0

Ford Fusion Receives Battery UpgradeWe have recently mentioned the fact that the Ford Fusion is undergoing a facelift for 2017. By investigating this facelift, we attempted to look into what the Mondeo (as the European equivalent) may be like. So with the newest news that the Ford Fusion Energi is receiving a battery upgrade, should we expect to see the same with the Mondeo? Well, we don’t know but, the battery is special, we will tell you about it and then, maybe we shall see it later.

So the range upgrade is set for 2017 and will allow the vehicle, through innovative engineering, to accomplish an extra 60 miles range. This will therefore allow the Ford Fusion facelift to achieve a range of 610 miles, of which 21 miles will be completely electric. When the vehicle is in complete electric mode, the Fusion will be able to reach top speeds of 85mph.

Ford has been able to upgrade the battery range in the most ingenious method possible. Instead of increasing the size of the battery, they have made alterations to the powertrain software. For example, the Fusion now has a lighter grade of motor oil and a regenerative breaking system. These new powertrain systems will allow for the recycling of power from the brakes into the electric battery. These are however only two examples of the multiple changes which have occurred.

Ford alongside this statement also mentioned the public’s hesitation to the electric and hybrid vehicles. In a survey, it was discovered that most of the public surveyed, believed that the furthest any car could travel was 261 miles. This is less than half of what the 2016 Fusion could do. So as a result of this, Ford is trying raise the awareness of how good hybrid and electric vehicles actually are.

Ford will not have to worry too much considering that the price of oil is rapidly on the rise. The electric or hybrid vehicle will most certainly become a very good option for many soon. So, with the Fusion getting a new battery very soon, we may see a bigger battery in the Ford Mondeo when it receives its facelift next year, let’s see.