Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production 2

Following Volkswagen’s announcement to make their factories less harmful to the environment, Ford is following suit.Ford aim to reduce water usage during production of cars by 30 per cent.

Water is the most important natural resource on earth, despite the likes of diamonds and oil making tycoons billions of pounds.

40,000 gallons used per car

This may come as a surprise to many but water is heavily relied upon in the creation of automotive vehicles. On average it is estimated that around 40,000 gallons of water is used during the production of each car.

10.5 billion gallons saved

Since the beginning of the century Ford has reduced their water usage in their factories by a great deal. According to Ford themselves, they have managed to save 10.5 billion gallons of water since 2000 which equates to an overall saving of 49 per cent. By the year 2015 the company are aiming to reduce the water usage by 30 per cent when compared to the amount of usage in 2009.

Why water is needed for car production

What is the water used for? It is needed to lubricate the machines and is an essential resource. Ford have used a new method called dry machining which is a more environmentally friendly alternative, as it doesn’t require the need for water. This allows 280,000 gallons of water to be saved per year.

Ford alternatives

Ford also use biological membrane reactors and wastewater treatment systems. This particular feature is able to recover 65 per cent of waste water and allow it to be reused.

Saving on the planet’s most important natural resource is essential. Although it may not seem like it now, water could one day be worth more than Oil. With car manufacturers cutting down on it where necessary, it enhance their efficiency, environmental credentials and their very own reputation.

In what is quite an ambitious target, Ford will have plenty of work to do if they are to reduce their water usage by 30 per cent by 2015. They have already made great progress in doing so and seem to be implementing the right technology and practices to steadily reach that target.