Tips for Ford convertible drivers 0

Tips-for-Ford-convertible-driversHot summer days are perfect for cruising around with the top down! Here are some top tips for those owning or renting one of Ford’s convertible options for the first time!

  1. Practise closing the top. It might sound like stating the obvious but heavy rain can start very quickly and without warning, so do a few dummy runs so you know what you’re doing in case you need to close it in a hurry.
  2. Keep valuables in the glove compartment. If you need to park with the roof down, take anything of value with you or lock it safely in the glove compartment.
  3. Roll up the side windows. This will dramatically reduce wind turbulence and help with the cars aerodynamics.
  4. Use the heater. It’s just your car’s waste heat so it won’t cost anything. Useful if the temperature drops without warning.
  5. Don’t use your windscreen washers if the top’s down. There’s a strong chance you’ll get a face full of the stuff otherwise!
  6. Pack for the elements. Naturally, you’re exposed to all the heavens can throw at you when you’re driving a convertible. Pack everything you might need. Extra clothes, sun cream, hair bands, sunglasses (with a strap).
  7. Keep hydrated. If it’s hot and sunny you’ll sweat more so keep fluids at hand to avoid de-hydration.

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