Ford’s tips on how to maximise fuel efficiency 0


Calling all Ford drivers! We’ve got that should interest you; 11 top tips on how to maximise your fuel economy. It’s commonly assumed that your vehicle’s fuel economy is set based on its combined MPG rating. This is true, but the way you drive and how well you maintain your vehicle can also play a big role.

Follow these tips to help stretch your fuel economy a bit further:

  1. Drive smoothly. Believe it or not, driving aggressively wastes fuel. Accelerating smoothly and braking softer and earlier will help you to drive up to 33% more fuel efficiently. You’ll also prolong the lifespan of your brakes and tyres too.
  2. Slow down. Stating the obvious a little, but travelling at excessive speed consumes a lot of fuel. When you’re travelling over 50 mph your fuel mileage starts to decrease rapidly. In total, this equals 20p per gallon for every 5 mph above 50 that you drive.
  3. Only use air conditioning on the motorway. Using your air conditioner at low speeds drops your fuel efficiency by almost 15%. So if it’s not hot and you’re travelling round town, roll your windows down instead.
  4. Remove your rooftop carrier. You car was designed with aerodynamics in mind, so when you attach a large, cumbersome carrier to the roof it’s going to add a lot more resistance. If you don’t need to use it regularly, remove your carrier to improve fuel economy by up to 5%.
  5. Remove excess weight. Your mileage can be reduced by up to 4% by carrying around an extra 100 pounds. Try and travel as light as possible with only the essentials in the vehicle.
  6. Keep the convertible top up. Only applicable for those sporty summer speedsters this one, but if you do own a convertible, keep the top up on motorway trips. You’ll have far less wind resistance, less turbulence and your hair will look better too.
  7. Keep the windows and sunroof closed. If it’s mild weather, leave the air conditioning off and keep doors and windows closed. This will result in less drag and improve your fuel economy by up to 4%.
  8. Use cruise control. Using your cruise control saves fuel in two ways. It slows you down, keeping you driving at more fuel efficient speeds. It also helps you maintain a constant speed, and won’t use additional fuel while accelerating. Most vehicles let you view your miles per gallon whilst you’re driving, therefore set your cruise control to the most fuel-efficient speed.
  9. Stay in gear when stopping. You’d think shifting into Neutral and coasting to a stop would be more fuel economic but the contrary is true. Most modern fuel-injected vehicles go into a ‘fuel cut-off’ mode when the engine senses that the vehicle is in gear, the rpm is above idle, and the throttle is closed. Shifting to Neutral may cancel that mode, so it’s best to remain in gear.
  10. Turn the engine off while waiting. If you’re safely parked and going to be stationary for more than a couple of moments, turn you engine off.
  11. Combine trips. When your engine is warmed up, it’s running at its most efficient. Short trips that commence with a cold engine use more fuel than one single longer trip. So when you’re running errands, try to combine as many as possible to maximise fuel economy.

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