Ford Interim Service 0

An Interim car services are recommended for every 6 months in-between full car services, for motorists who drive a lot throughout the year. (10,000 miles + per year). It will help sustain your car’s safety and ensure important components are working to their best.

They are also recommended annually for those who don’t drive their car much throughout the year. (Less than 5000 miles per year)

A full service with Servicing Stop

Our network of over 1000 garages all deliver an excellent interim service for your Ford.

What’s included in your interim Ford service with Servicing Stop

  • Change oil and oil filter (special oils at extra charge)
  • Top up bonnet fluid levels
  • Check brakes (remove wheels)
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check steering
  • Check suspension
  • Check tyres
  • Check pollen filter
  • Change air filter
  • Change fuel filter (diesel only)
  • Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost)
  • Wash and vac
  • Collection and delivery