Will the Ford Edge Conquer the UK and Europe? 0

In case you already didn’t know, the SUV is one of the hottest automotive models that can be purchased right now. They offer the comfort and space which many other models just can’t. So when the market shifts, then so do the companies in order to benefit the most from it. We have recently seen the biggest automotive companies alter their selling strategies and products to best compete in the Chinese market for example. Ford however, is gambling with their newest flagship SUV, the Dodge, in the European market.

It is a huge gamble for Ford, which many may or simply do not realise. Ford’s main rivals in the European market have cemented their brand in the luxury SUV market for some time already. The European market includes the likes of Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover, which are just the luxury brands. So, is Ford making the right decision when trying to enter the European luxury SUV market? Are they better off by continuously serving us with the Transit Van, the Fiesta or the Focus?

Will the Ford Edge Conquer the UK and Europe

Well, the answer to that question is possibly. The Edge will stand as the American company’s flagship SUV and will attempt to deliver high levels of comfort and technology. One of these mantras which have been promised to us certainly sounds impressive already. And it is Technology. Technology is the route which Ford has decided to go down with the Edge to support their entry into the European luxury SUV market. The company have spent a lot of time and money focusing on noise cancellation for example. They have specifically created the body to be able to withstand noise, and from the inside, they have fitted three microphones which adjust to noises and emit a cancelling note through a different sound wave. It is really impressive tech, but it doesn’t end there. The Edge has the SYNC2 infotainment system on board too. This infotainment system offers voice control assistance in order to better benefit the driver and the driver’s safety. Among the two technologies just described, there are also 18 other driver assisting technologies on board the Ford Edge.

The car handles very well but, it is painfully slow in comparison to its main rivals so, the major selling point for the Ford Edge is in its technology. Let’s just hope that the other companies don’t catch up too quickly…