Will Ford Soon Be Selling Their Engine? 0

Will-Ford-Soon-Be-Selling-Their-EngineFord may soon start selling one of its most prized possessions to date, the engine to their GT supercar. Much like Chevrolet have done with their LS V8 engine, this move will allow the company to have market shares in either road or track car companies. The engine so far, has had massive success as part of the internal system of Ford’s GT which won the 12 Hours of Sebring race in 2014.

The rumour which concerns Ford selling the engine became apparent when Ford Performance Chief Dave Pericak stated that their new engine unit had been so well proven in multiple applications, and as a result of these achievements, there was a capacity for it to work in other cars in the future. The engine is a twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost and will become hot property if it were to go to market. Ford has already sold the engine to a car company already. Being an integral part of the Radical’s RXC Turbo, the V6 engine is one of the best street legal engines available.

The Ford EcoBoost engines are part of the turbocharged collective. The turbochargers work by directly injecting gasoline engines with extra horsepower and torque whilst also cutting dangerous emissions by 15 percent and bettering fuel efficiency by 20 percent too.

The engine certainly is an extremely innovative piece of engineering developed by those who work at Ford. It can therefore be argued that the selling of the engine can be two fold. There could be even better cars and the engine development competition would open wide again. This would therefore lead to even better engines if Ford were to sell. But, the engineers have worked extremely hard to accomplish this amazing achievement. To increase power whilst dropping the V’s by half is no easy task yet Ford’s engineers accomplished it.

The engine is a big deal in the automotive market and it will obviously be up to Ford to decide what they will do. Either way, they should really think about this decision.