Will Alan Mulally remain at Ford until he’s 80? 0

Speculation surrounding the retirement of Alan Mulally seems to be never ending. For months and months Mr Mulally has confirmed that he has no plans to retire any time soon. This hasn’t stopped rumour mills from spinning.

Laughed off

The question naturally popped up during Ford’s annual press conference. Jokes and laughs dampened the seriousness of the question with Bill Ford Junior jokingly saying originally that Mr Mullaly would retire in 2030. By that year Mr Mulally would be 85 years old.

Some give it two years

Experts of the American automotive industry believe that Mr Mullaly will indeed leave in the two years. No matter when he leaves it is sure to bring Ford’s stock down.

The Ford One strategy

He has been the main driving force behind the company’s revival. When he took over in 2006, the company were in complete meltdown. He changed the company’s fortunes around by implementing the “One Ford” strategy. His plan was to unify the Ford brand across the world to diversify the brand and lower costs.

Managing to escape bankruptcy

Somehow Ford managed to avoid bankruptcy despite the like of Chrysler Group LLC and General Motors confirmed as bankrupt.  They were the only one America’s big three to avoid bankruptcy.

Will the next successor come from within the company?

Despite Mr Mullaly saying that he is staying put, this has not stopped the company searching for the next successor. Mr Mullaly believes that the next successor should come from within the company. Some have pointed towards Mark Fields who is currently in charge of Ford’s operations in the North and South American region.

Work has not been affected

Bill Ford has said speculation of Alan Mulally retiring has not affected top executives at the company. Some may have thought that “I don’t think there’s any anxiety on anyone’s part on timing. There’s no new news, and needless to say the board is more than happy with the way Alan has led the company. It has been really fun for the two of us to work together, and I’d like to see it continue for some time.”

Following the buffet example

Will Alan Mulally follow in Warren Buffet’s footsteps and work until he is 80? Mr Buffet himself has claimed that he would like to work when he is 100.