What Is Happening At Ford? 0

What-Is-Happening-At-FordSomething pretty massive or simply weird must be happening at Ford right now as the Assistant Chief Engineer has just handed in his resignation. This comes as a huge surprise as the enormous amount of time spent at Ford alongside the projects that this man has been involved in, would have surely made the departure a lot friendlier. As of this moment, there hasn’t been an official statement released by either party.

Kip Ewing is the man that has recently departed from the company after serving them for almost 21 years. Ewing has worked on many of Ford’s most recent successes too. As an instrumental part of the creation of the 2005 and 2017 GT supercars, an adaptation of the classic Mustang and also the popular Lincoln, it is surprising that this has recently occurred.

Whatever has happened at Ford, if anything has happened at all, Kip Ewing will certainly not fail to find another job very soon. The man has worked for the likes of Callaway Cars, Bentley, ASC and Aston Martin so he certainly will have an extremely respectable CV and any motor company will be lucky to have him on their team.

Although Ewing worked on the 2017 GT, he wasn’t involved in its last year of production as he moved into the business side of the vehicle. Maybe that was the reason for his departure?

So, Kip Ewing handed in his resignation to Ford after serving them for almost 21 years. We do wonder what happened for this to occur. Maybe it was Ford? Maybe Kip wanted a change? We can only really know what happened when the two parties release independent statements. But if this will take some time, then we will have to wait and see if anyone else leaves the company in the same fashion. At this time however, it is just a guessing game but when we know more, we will certainly let you know what is happening…