Trying To Own the New Ford GT Could Be Like Trying To Win the Lottery 0

This may sound mad but it is true, trying to get your hands on the 2017 Ford GT could be like trying to win the lottery, except for some people as their odds are much more favourable.

Ford have released an application process for those who want to own the new GT. After the company announced that they will only be making 250 of the vehicles a year, many fans want-to-be owners flocked to try and reserve themselves one. In order to counter the huge number of people trying to apply for the vehicle, Ford cleverly created an application process which enables them to lessen the numbers of people applying for the car… sort of.


Since the application process has been released, Ford has received well over 7000 requests and the number seems to be rapidly growing. And, it will still be open until May 12 2016. So, it hasn’t lessened the volume of applications but it will allow the very small number of Ford GT’s produced a year to go to an owner who will appreciate the car, who will drive the car and who will look after the car. Ford is after brand ambassadors, so the whole process is a stroke of marketing master class.

The application process is long. There are multiple questions on the application which ask if owners ‘owned the previous version of the GT’ and ‘how they drove it’, if they ‘own any historical cars’, ‘what their three last ford cars were’, if they are ‘involved in racing/ motorsports or charity work’, ‘their social media following’ and, ‘what their own personal car collection is like’. Ford will then from the list choose the lucky 250 owners for 2017. Those who are long time Ford owners or owned the previous GT will have a better chance in the application process however.

Would you be able to pass the application process at all? And if you do, can you cough up the $450,000 asking price for the sports car?