The One and Only Ford Mustang Obsidian Is Soon To Be Auctioned 0

Everyone who loves cars, either dream that they could either build a car or own a fast car. But for one man in the United States, he managed to do both. After completely modifying a 1967 Ford Mustang, he managed to create a one of a kind classic car. Years later, after changing owners multiple times, the vehicle will soon be auctioned. But, apart from it being modified and being one of a kind, what makes the vehicle special?


Named the Ford Mustang Obsidian SG, the vehicle was treated to $1.3 million worth of investment over the years. Originally starting out as a 1967 Ford Mustang, the vehicle has had no part untouched and consequently, it has become a monster of a car. The body has had a lot of work done to it. From new brake cooling intakes, to extra panelling, fenders and side skirts, the muscle car sports a pair of 2005 Ford Mustang headlights. Finished off in a matte black coat of paint, the vehicle deserves the name Obsidian. But the sinister looking vehicle also has a beautiful interior which has specifically been crafted by the owner to match. The interior remains in an old style but, has been technologically modified with the fittings of an XM radio, an MP3 player, as well as iPod, Bluetooth, and WIFI capabilities and navigation.

The engine and the integral components of the car have also been altered. The Ford Mustang Obsidian boasts a 6.4 litre small-block V8 engine which manages to produce around 900bhp. This allows the vehicle to reach 60 mph from stand still in less than 4 seconds. Impressive for a car that originally dates back to 1967. With the power that the vehicle emits, the suspension, gearboxes, chassis amongst other components have all needed changing for the car to perform at its maximum speeds and capabilities.

At this moment in time, the vehicle is owned by an NBA star but it is reportedly going to be auctioned at a Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast auction event. There is no set price for the bidding but, at Servicing Stop we believe, and hope, that the one of a kind 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG will sell for around the $1.3 million investment price…