The new Ford B-Max with sliding doors 0

We’ve all seen the advert. The new Ford B-Max has no pillars in the middle and has sliding doors. That’s its biggest selling point. This allows someone to dive straight down the middle of the car from a diving board if they wished.

It’s an overall great family car which fits in nicely between a Ford Fiesta and a Ford Focus. Previously Ford attempted to fill this gap in the market with the Ford Fusion. This was discontinued back in 2011.

As mentioned earlier in our blogs, the B-Max was built in Romania to save costs. That doesn’t undermine its build quality however.

What’s so special about having a middle without a pillar? It provides a lot more space and practicality. Three adults are able to fit comfortably at the back, something which is unheard in vehicles this size usually. They are also able to enter and exit with ease.

There have been some safety fears from critics. Ford has stated that the vehicle is just as safe as one with a pillar. This is because the leading edges of the front and rear doors lock together and connect. Expert tests have claimed that doors are not as practical as they come across. They have to be fiercely shut which will not be pleasant to those sitting in the back.

When the seats are folded down there is a great deal of space for storage. The fact that the car has high roof allows the seats to sit higher when compared to a normal seating position. The driver will sit high with a perfect view of the road ahead.

As you can imagine the car will not the fastest. From 0 – 62 MPH the car will hit a time of 13.9 seconds. The 1.0 litre engine is indeed more on the economical side. Ford claim that the B-Max will be able to hit a total of 57.7 MPG. Some tests have showed that the average MPG rating is indeed a lot less.

Safety is and always has been a big deal for Ford. Optional safety extras include Active City Stop. This intelligent system brakes the car automatically if the car does not react in time before a collision.

The Ford B-Max is priced between £12,995 and £18,995.Well worth taking a look at in our opinion.