The Ford Scorpio Review 0

Remember the Ford Scorpio? It was a great car offered on the UK market from 1985 to 1999.

Its premium look and engineering made it one of the most attractive cars on the market at the time. We take a look at the latest generation which was released before production ended and describe our favourite features.

The Drive and Practicality

The car is able to offer a great deal of comfort when cruising, especially on the motorway. Soaking up bumps on uncomfortable roads will leave no one complaining of the ride. The estate version of the car has plenty of space for luggage and shopping too. Head and leg room makes the car appropriate for 5 adults to sit in comfort. The electric mirrors and clever suspension was quite a high quality feature for those days.

The driver will have a very comfortable position with a splendid view of the road. The chair is able to be appropriately adjusted to suit them accordingly.


The entry level Ford Scorpio received a fair amount of equipment at the time of its release. The standard model has tinted glass windows, metallic paint and an electric seat adjustment control. The executive estates have roof ralis, luggage covers and self-levelling rear suspension.

With the Ghia trim, there were handy heated electric mirrors along with a lumbar adjustment control for the driver seat.

The Ghia X trim came with alloy wheels, a better sound system and velour upholstery.

The Ultima models were right at the very top, with the driver’s seat and mirror settings being stored. There was a CD auto-changer, (quite a luxury item for the 1990’s) cruise control and front fog lamps. From 1997, the Ultima editions all had leather seats. 1998 saw the addition of a new chrome front grille, a newly designed front bumper and rear lamp units.

Running costs

The car wasn’t too expensive to run or purchase. It was one the best value for money cars in its class.

The mechanical parts were not that expensive when the car was brand new with them being still fairly cheap today.


The Ford Scorpio is very cheap to buy now. However make sure you inspect the car properly and don’t go for models that are too advanced, as these have a lot more to go wrong.