The Ford Ranger the safest pickup truck ever 0

The Ford Ranger has achieved the remarkable feat of being the first pickup truck to achieve 5 stars in the Euro NCAP results.

After achieving the maximum result from the European based committee the third generation of the U.S based vehicle has clearly given reason to continue its production.

However as mentioned in a previous article about the closure of the St Pauls factory, the Ford Ranger will have it production range discontinued later on this year within the USA. It has been around since 1983, but it seems that North America’s needs are changing when it comes to pickup trucks.

Mark Schirmer a spokesman for Ford reiterated that in a statement by saying “Ford remains very much committed to a two-pickup strategy worldwide”. Ford’s pickup truck line-up is being made independent from North America and the rest of the world. A separate statement from Schirmer said “The goal is to have the Ranger be a worldwide sales leader in its class, much the same way the F-150 is among full-size pickups in North America.

We are not familiar with the Ford Ranger here in the UK but the car is sold in different parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. Australia adds to the list where the car is available and on the market.  It appears that the car’s five star Euro NCAP rating will deem the car worthy of staying on those particular markets mentioned, along with other strong attributes that the car has.

On that note, it was obvious that the car needed improvements in order to fend off other dominant pickup trucks in the automotive markets other than the USA. Schirmer said “We needed a better Ranger, or one that was better suited to compete against segment leaders, such as the Toyota Hilux

On improvements on the vehicle, the car doesn’t differ much from the Ford Ranger’s replacement in the USA, the F-Series. Schirmer was quoted to say “It is significantly bigger than the outgoing model. Especially in height and length. It grew so much that it is now very close to F-Series specs in the U.S.”

It will come as good news to many that the Ford Ranger isn’t completely out of existence. The five star ratings it achieved in the Euro NCAP ratings show why.