The Ford Maverick 0

The Ford Maverick was in production from 2001 until 2003. Although its production years didn’t last very long it was a great 4×4 vehicle which contained many great features.

In today’s article we take a look at what we believe are some of the car’s best features.

3.0 litre

The Ford Maverick did have some great handling credentials. All engines came with some decent pulling power as well. The best engine was the 3.0 V6, so if you decide to buy one, make sure you don’t go for any other variant as the rest probably won’t satisfy most drivers.


The car did offer a decent enough amount of comfort compared to rivals at the time. Nowadays this will probably won’t be one the Maverick’s standout points as rivals have advanced greatly.

Off Road

The Ford Maverick did have a great record as an off roader. Its reputation for its handling ability during non road surfaces was one of the car’s strong points.


The car’s rugged and large framework was quite an attractive feature in certain ways. It also gave away it’s great ability as an off roader.


In terms of reliability, owners didn’t complain of many mechanical faults. It had a great track record in that respect.

Buying a Ford Maverick

You’ll get a Ford Maverick for around £6,000 if you looking at a 2.0 litre XLT which is over 10 years old. The 2.0 litre XLT’s insurance group will stand at number 9.  Around £7000 will be the cost for the more powerful 3.0 litre variant with the insurance group 12 representing a worthy purchase.


The Ford Maverick offered good value for money in terms of the generous amounts of room within and its smooth drive. Buying one now wouldn’t cost you much meaning you could grab yourself a good bargain.

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