The Ford KA+ 0

The Ford KA plusThe Ford KA has been a well known vehicle for a long time now and we must sadly announce that the most recent model has come to the end of its rather successful life. The little run around has managed to sell successfully as a first time car, and then with its upgrade, it managed to sell well again. But now, it’s time for these old KA’s to move over as the new version is here.

So the current KA is to be replaced by a vehicle known as the KA+. If you feel as if you can guess what the + stands for, then go ahead and guess, you will be right. The + in this vehicles name stands for the size of the vehicle, because it has got bigger. In fact, the vehicle has grown so much that it now belongs where the Fiesta is on the pecking order. The result of this is that the Fiesta will now be given extra power, looks and other miscellaneous features in order for that to move up a class. This idea of shuffling cars up is starting to become very popular in the motoring world.

Rumoured to be released towards the end of autumn 2016, the KA+ will feature extra interior space and multiple different features such as MyFord touch, multiple charging points and a 270 litre boot. If you thought there will only be a basic model, then rest assured because there is not. When you decide to pay a little extra, then the Zetec trim, which will allow for more specifics such as climate control and heated seats, can be added. With the options offered for the interior, it is surprising that the engine will only come in one option; a 1.2 litre petrol. This engine will however will come with two different horsepower options.

Ford certainly does manage to create small affordable, practical and economic cars and the new KA+ will certainly live up to this philosophy.