The Ford Fusion 0

The-Ford-FusionYou may ask us why we have decided to go ahead and write about the Ford Fusion considering it is an American based vehicle. Therefore we won’t ever be seeing it here, so again, why? Well, the Fusion is the cousin of our Ford Mondeo. So with the Fusion undergoing a facelift in the States, should that signify anything for us? It should, the two vehicles are almost identical apart from a few technological aspects and some dimensions. Because of this, we should see our Mondeo face lifted in the same manner soon. By looking at the Fusion, we will be looking into our own Mondeo’s future.

The Fusion’s 2017 face lift is extremely impressive yet understated at the same time. Ford has argued that many people buy the Fusion for its looks and therefore, they have barely been touched. There is a fresh and larger grille, new and better looking LED headlights and an upper trim too. But, Ford have also improved the ergonomics, increased storage space and also have begun using different and lighter materials to create the vehicle.

The dashboard has also seen a huge revamping. The features are easier to access as the control panel has been cleaned. There is also a larger Sync3 infotainment. The infotainment system has been widely regarded as a huge success for Ford recently and with connection to Apple or Android products now included, customer satisfaction has only increased.

The Fusion will be available in five different powertrains and alongside this, there will be two hybrid options offered. The hybrids will be split into plug-in and non plug-in. The technical statistics for the standard Fusion includes the ability to reach 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds, top speeds of 105mph whilst also producing 40mpg. So again, rather good statistics for a family sedan.

The 2017 Ford Fusion sounds as if it will be an extremely successful facelift when it arrives in the United States early next year. From the sound of it, we should expect a very similar upgrade minus a few specifics too…