The Ford Fusion is the green car for 2012 0

Over in America, the Ford Fusion has managed to secure a green car of the year award from the Green Car Journal in 2012, enhancing its prospects and potential.

The Ford Fusion is now the least expensive model to ever win the award. In the past, electric and hybrid cars have been way over priced which have essentially put buyers off. The cost of developing the technology was essentially passed down onto the price tag.

In America the car starts at $21,700 for the petrol model. The main reason behind its victory was down to the fact that the vehicle is offered in so many powertrains. These include petrol, hybrid and plug-in hybrids.  The hybrid version is estimated to achieve 47 MPG, but test figures may fall short of that estimation.

Wes Sherwood, a spokesman for Ford said that new generation hybrid vehicles would be achieving a better economy rating thanks to the driving experience not being compromised. He said “If you want to drive for maximum fuel economy, the car has the tools. You can do it. If you want to drive 80 miles per hour on the highway you aren’t going to get 47 miles per gallon.”

Mass produced electric vehicles are now becoming more and more common. All five finalists in the award are all mass produced. This certainly makes a change from the when these vehicles were produced in small volumes.

The Dodge Dart Aero was one of those finalists, along with Mazda’s CX-5 SkyACTIV crossover, both costing $20,000. Higher up the range comes the Ford C-Max, costing $25,200. The Toyota Prius c costs $18,950.

These awards offer a fresh alternative to the Los Angeles Motor Show. They are all about green cars which are designed to be good for the environment. Although the LA motor show may have a few of these, they are mainly all about style and power.

Winners in the past include the spectacular Chevrolet Volt, which costs under $40,000. The Honda Civic natural gas model costs $26,300, again previous winner.

The standard 2013 Ford Fusion petrol achieves 34 MPG on the motorway. The hybrid version is able to achieve 47 MPG, according to Ford. That’s quite a big difference. Ford has managed to become one of America’s best sellers thanks to focusing more on fuel efficiency.