The Ford Focus ST to arrive in America next year 0

It has been announced that the Ford Focus   ST will arrive in America next year.

This will be the first time that the car will be made available on the other side of the Atlantic. There were doubts raised by the company as many weren’t sure of how well the car would be received in the country. However many Ford fans in America would be pleased at the news after being frustrated previously not being able to purchase one.

The car has built a fantastic reputation throughout Europe. Securing a spot in Ford’s American line-up effectively means that this will be the company’s first worldwide performance car.

What America expect from the Ford Focus ST? A thrilling and compelling drive with tremendous speed and first class handling. No wonder the company justified the decision sell the car in the world’s second largest automotive industry.  Jost Capito , the director of Global Performance Vehicles said the car’s wonderful features have allowed it to adapt to many car industries throughout the world.

“Focus ST has not come around by chance.”

“What came first was our global performance strategy, which has been developed with North America, Europe and Asia together. With this, the core DNA attributes – steering, driving dynamics, sound quality and power enhancements for all ST models – have been defined to the extent that our engineers can take that global DNA fingerprint and use it to create the new Focus ST.”

The Ford Focus ST will use a 2.0 litre EcoBoost engine for the first time. The innovative engine from the company achieves performance of extreme levels whilst containing world class green technology that allows the car to be very economical at the same time.

The wonderfully efficient green technology includes a high-pressure direct injection, low-interia turbocharging and twin variable camshaft timing (otherwise known as Ti-VCT). This is help significantly decrease the amount of fuel that the car consumes as well as lessen the amount of C02 that the car emits.

Jost Capito discussed the new engine . He said “This is the first time we have used a Ford EcoBoost engine in a high-performance model, and the result will leave drivers smiling,”

“They will have a lot of power and torque at their disposal throughout the rev range. For everyday driving, though, the characteristics of this car will let them drive in a more fuel-efficient way than previously, which is an essential part of the ST’s DNA.”

The Ford Focus ST will arrive in the America and it’s about time.