The Ford Focus RS 2015 0

rsThe new 2015 Ford Focus RS has been revealed. With a great deal of anticipation and plenty of investment, the American automotive company are hoping that the car will once again cement their place as the leaders of the hot hatch market.

Despite the car’s aura mainly defining speed and power, an EcoBoost engine will be installed under the bonnet. The engine is able to deliver some serious power as well as delivering a great deal of economy. The new four-cylinder Mustang provides inspiration for the engine, with the the new Focus able to produce over 316 BHP, which is actually greater than the Mustang which will produce 306rs2 BHP.

We’ll see some advanced technology within the new Focus RS, coming with four-wheel drive technology together with torque vectoring within the rear axle. 70% of torque can be pushed right to the rear wheels. Either wheel can then receive 100% of that force, with two clutch packs making it possible.

The demeanor of the vehicle is pretty fierce thanks to the awesome styling.  A new rear wing, larger exhaust intakes and sporty low profile tyres immediately illustrate how powerful the car is. Enthusiasts may notice the that the arches are not as stylish as the previous Ford Focus RS’s. Ford have apparently justified this by saying that money has been invested on the drive-train.

Recaro seats comers3 within the interior, matching the same seats that come within the ST. A different selection of bucket seats too.

Prices of the vehicle are yet to be officially announced. However experts are stating that they could start at just below £30,000. This would effectively place in direct competition with the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R and the BMW M135i. To say that the new 2015 Ford Focus RS is going to have competition would be a huge understatement. The hot-hatch market here in the UK this year is going to be an interesting one to say the least.