The Ford Focus 1.0 sets new world records 0

For those of you, who assumed that the Ford Focus would be a slow coach, maybe you should think again. The exceptional vehicle has set 16 new FIA world records for cars with engines 1.0 litre or below.
It must be mentioned that during the tests, the Ford Focus 1.0 litre was being driven by Ford’s World Rally Championship Team, including Jari-Matti Latvala. All vehicles were supervised by an official from the FFSA (Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile). Mr Latvala was quoted to have said that the small engine is able to punch way above it’s weight, showing that the Focus is economical and very fun to drive at the same time.
The tests included the car being driven over distances of 0.6 miles to 2,550 miles at a test circuit located in France.
Over 1000 miles, the car’s average speed hit 103 MPH. Over 100 miles, the car’s average speed hit 118 MPH. The vehicles official top speed is a sensational 120 MPH. The average speeds differed depending on the amount of fuel stops needed. Officially the car’s MPG rating is recorded at 56.5, but that will obviously be achieved without the car reaching such tremendous speeds.
Clearly have Ford have demonstrated their vision that size doesn’t matter when it comes to engines. Their 1.0 litre engine is able to produce the performance of a 1.6 litre engine and at the same time record an economical performance of a 1.0 litre. It seems that Ford have proven what they have been claiming for months and months. Expert testers have said that the Ford Focus 1.0 litre engine is the best in the whole range. Many would find it hard to disagree.

Official records set:
•    Standing start one kilometre – 113.522km/h
•    Standing start one mile (1.6km) – 127.043km/h
•    Flying start one kilometre – 176.168km/h
•    Flying start one mile – 173.676km/h
•    Average speed over 10km – 172.053km/h
•    Average speed over 100km – 187.579km/h
•    Average speed over 500km – 186.793km/h
•    Average speed over 10 miles (16km) – 176.379km/h
•    Average speed over 100 miles (160km) – 189.459km/h
•    Average speed over one hour – 191.056km/h
•    Average speed over 1000km – 164.361km/h
•    Average speed over 500 miles (800km) – 164.249km/h
•    Average speed over 1000 miles (1600km) – 165.371km/h
•    Average speed over six hours – 165.555km/h
•    Average speed over 12 hours – 166.784km/h
•    Average speed over 24 hours – 171.029km/h