The Ford Figo redesigned in India 0

The new Ford Figo has been redesigned in its home market of India. According to the American car giant, the new redesigned model has up to 100 new changes.

Ford will be hoping their new revitalised model helps turn the fortunes of their brand in India following months of disappointing sales.

Michael Boneham, the Ford India President and the Managing Director said “It’s a competitive market. Due to high inflation consumer sentiment is down. We will start to see a turnaround hopefully with the festive season. We will be seeing a lot of sales, I hope. The order book is looking quite encouraging,”

September sales dropped by a disappointing 8.29 per cent with Ford selling only 9,418 units.  Mr Boneham was adamant that recent results were simply not good enough and changes needed to be made. “Remember we are all used to the massive growth two-and-half-years ago, we had growth of 30 percent year-on-year. That is not sustainable. I think a 10-15 percent growth is what we need to see. We are looking at the long-term. We are confident that by 2020, this will be our third largest market,” Year upon year Figo sales has increased by 10 per cent however, according to Boneham.

Ford invested a total of $1 billion in Gujarat on one of their main factories. With more Ford manufacturing occurring in the country, it would make it easier to lower the prices of each vehicle. Boneham said “We are on track with construction. I went there two weeks ago and was very pleased. We are going to have 3,000 people on site. The first vehicle and engine are scheduled to come in 2014.”

Considering the small costs deriving from India, Ford’s exporting business is one of the main money makers. Currently Ford exports their vehicles to approximately 35 countries from their Chennai factory.  Boneham confirmed that the company are looking to expand that number. Boneham went on to say “We are looking at the North African hub and the other developing markets for exports now”

The new Ford Figo is very competitively priced, coming in both petrol and diesel versions. The previous version’s production will come to a complete stop.