The first generation Ford Galaxy 0

The first generation Ford Galaxy was something quite remarkable when it first arrived in 1995. It latest 11 years before this generation was abandoned, which is quite a testament to how popular it was and still is. We take a look at why the car is something of an icon now.

The large multi purpose vehicle is often compared to the Volkswagen Sharan and the Seat Alhambra. One feature that makes it stand out from these two is the fact that it offers a better drive in terms of handling and agility on the road.

Although the car delivers an adequate performance, it isn’t based on delivering a major source of power on the road. It is focused more on providing a comforting and quiet drive. When the car is loaded with a few people, the car is very well balanced and firm on the road. Long distance driving is one of the best features about the vehicle, with everyone being able to sit in complete comfort and enjoy the ride. Every row is full of space and is quite roomy.

The driving position is also quite comfortable with a clear view of the whole vehicle as well as the road ahead.

Air conditioning will come as an essential feature with this generation of the Ford Galaxy. It wasn’t introduced as standard on the older versions of the car, so when purchasing it would be a good idea to check that the car has it installed.

The engine variants are sure to perform well no matter which one you decide to go for. The best version in our eyes is the tubrodiesel 1.9 Litre. It offers a great performance producing 113 BHP whilst at the same time returning around 40 MPG.

The fact that it is a 7 seater vehicle means that it offers a great amount of practicality throughout. When the seats are removed, the storage space is naturally increased.

We recommend purchasing the models that were made from 2000 and above. Check for the full service history too along with any signs of potentially expensive repairs (e.g engine knocks, exterior damage, slipping clutch etc). As mentioned before make sure you purchase the models that have air conditioning installed as standard.