The Fiesta ST200 0

The-Fiesta-ST200-2We recently mentioned that the Ford Focus underwent a limited edition change and therefore, the Focus ST200 was born as a limited edition. The limited edition has now been transferred to the Ford Fiesta as a celebration of its accomplishments as a vehicle over the years. So, there will be 400 limited edition Ford Fiesta ST200’s created to be the flagship series in this specific model range. So then, what is so special about this limited edition Fiesta ST200?

Well firstly, the powertrains will be upgraded and the result will mean that the car will perform much better. The ST200 will come equipped with 197bhp, but the ST when the turbo booster was activated could reach the same amount. When the ST200 uses its turbo booster, 212bhp can be utilised. This will therefore allow the vehicle to reach 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds and hit top speeds of up to 142mph. So the Ford Fiesta ST200 will most certainly be a very quick car. But not only that, the handling, suspension and grip have also been amplified in order to maximise efficiency.

As the Fiesta is being altered to become a part of the ST200 series, it’s exterior will follow the original Fiesta in style, but will also use the ST200 design format like the recent Focus overhaul. By adding extra features, the vehicle most certainly looks sportier. Ford have added a large trapezoid honeycomb grille, a new front and rear roof spoiler as well as new side skirts to give the vehicle  an original new look. The limited edition colour scheme it has been given is also similar to the Focus ST200 as it is coated in a beautiful storm grey exterior, with matt black alloyed wheels and red brake callipers, there is no way that this vehicle will not be turning heads on the street.


The vehicle certainly does sound impressive and we are sure that it will definitely sell well. The ST200 will start of at £22,745 which is £3,000 more than the original Ford Focus, is it worth it though? You decide.