The 2017 Ford Fusion 0

Some time ago we talked about the 2017 Ford Fusions mid-cycle facelift and stated that the vehicle is an American model. We also mentioned that the vehicle was the cousin of the European Ford Mondeo and therefore, we should expect a mid-cycle facelift here soon too. So, there are multiple new features which will be involved in the facelift that will make it extremely impressive, but there is new and very important information which has now only come to light. The information concerns the vehicles safety.


The 2017 Ford Fusion has just recently excelled in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) crash tests and has therefore won the coveted Top Safety Pick+ award. This is exactly the award that the Fusion needed after its extremely average results previously. The reason why the Fusion has managed to excel this time is by improving upon the faults of last time.

The Fusion has for a long time now been equipped with good safety features, but has never performed well in the IIHS tests. However, a modified front end structure has improved the Fusion’s safety drastically. There was severely less intrusion in the driver’s footwell, as the previous 6 inch incursion was limited to just 2 inches. So the front crash prevention received a superior safety rating whilst all other aspects of the vehicle received a good rating, hence giving the car the Top Safety Pick+ award. The 2017 model also managed to improve upon the seatbelt and airbag functionality from the previous model.

There will always however be certain areas which need improvement. In the case of the 2017 Ford Fusion, the child seatbelt latch will need to be improved. We are sure that this issue will be sorted out in due course.

At least Ford is taking their safety issues seriously and we hope that they continue to make improvements…