The 2016 Ford Focus Electric 0

Our American cousins have seen the recent release of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric and as of yet, there has been no news on when the vehicle will make its debut in the UK. So, with limited information available to us, what should we expect when the vehicle becomes available over here?


From what we can gather, the 2016 Ford Focus Electric certainly seems as if it could be a massive hit for many in the UK. It seems as if the vehicle will certainly be one of the best available all electric city cars because of the abundance of technology and its general abilities. We already know how good the petrol and diesel versions of the 2016 Focus are and the electric version will certainly keep as close to this model as possible.

Ford’s electric Focus’ technical data reveals that it has around 70 miles with a full charge, but this completely depends on how the vehicle is driven. Many motoring journalists who have tested the vehicle however, argue that it may have a lot less than this figure depending on how it is driven. It has been stated that the Focus’ battery really dilapidates on motorways and long stretches of fast driving. When the car is driven in a busy stop-start environment, then the battery life really excels.

This is apparent because of the technology which the US version of the Focus has. There is a battery regenerating braking system, a Brake Coach, a SmartGauge and EcoGauge which all allow the driver to asses and utilise the battery as best as possible. This technology alongside a 3.5 hour full charge time and the standard Ford Focus feel, certainly makes it one of the best all electric city cars available at the moment.

We are unsure when the vehicle will come to the UK, and if it does, we are unsure if it will come with the technology described above, we can only hope that it does…