The 2013 Ford Mondeo 0

The new Ford Mondeo is expected to go on sale near the end of next year. The new Mondeo will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show.For the first time ever there will be a hatchback version available as well as a four door sedan and an estate version.

Ford Evos inspiration

When the Ford Evos concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, it received a tremendous amount of praise and interest thanks to it’s beautiful and futuristic style. The new Ford Mondeo has been heavily influenced by the car which has pleased many and the car more attractive. Some have even described the front grille as looking like an Aston Martin type of feature.

Now the Ford Mondeo has been made larger. It now stands at 13mm more in length and sits 26mm higher. It looks like a more muscular car now.

There is a large amount of head and leg room within the cabin for passenger and storage space as you would expect with the car, as it is made to be wholly practical.

The Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion will be sold in the North American market later on in the year, which is identical to the Mondeo. In America, motorists will be treated to a sedan which is able to produce 179 BHP containing a 1.6 litre engine, a 2.0 litre engine which is able to contain 237 BHP, an EcoBoost turbocharged engine along with two separate hybrid models.

The 2.0 litre engine is the same as the one which is installed within the highly successful Range Rover Evoque.

The two hybrid engines will consist of one that which is a plug in hybrid (known as Energi) and the other being a petrol engine combined with an electric motor. Both cars are capable of running on all electric.

The 2.5 litre inline 170 BHP engine will contain V6 technology, neither will any other engine in the line-up. Every car will come with a six speed automatic gearbox. The 1.6 litre will have an option of a six speed manual, available only in the United States.

The car now adopts a Mazda6 based platform rather than the previous Ford Mondeo platform, in accordance to adjust the vehicle for the American driver in a more obvious manner. The 2.0 litre variant will have an all wheel drive feature available too in America.