Susan Cischke retires from Ford 0

Susan Cischke has announced her retirement at the age of 57. She will officially step down on February 1st, ending a 35 year career in engineering and management roles with Ford and Chrysler.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, Susan is Ford’s highest ranking Executive. She has been Ford’s top environmental and safety executive since 2001.

She was quoted to have said that her thirty five in the business had been challenging and it was about time that she retired from work.

Working hard for the country’s environment

Cischke’s played a big part in bringing forward a significant new agreement within the American automotive industry. The agreement stated that the new national fuel economy standard will require cars and light trucks to achieve an average of 54.4 MPG by the year 2025.

Hard work not gone unnoticed

Alan Mulally recognised what a fantastic employee she was by promoting her when he first arrived in 2006. She was one of the first people to receive such a career boost in the early stages of Mr Mulally’s arrival. This was quite a significant move for the company too as it indicated that they were looking to move in a direction of creating more sustainable and greener vehicles. Rather than reporting to Government affairs, Cischke’s had to report directly to the Mr Mulally.


Cischke’s job roles went way beyond what she was required to do originally, making her one of the most versatile employees and most important assets for the company. On top of meeting with Government officials, she also discussed new economic technologies and products (where Ford are one the world leaders) with development Chief Derrick Kuzak. She also worked alongside Jim Farely in order to help with the company’s Marketing ideas and improve their efficiency on that front.


Robert Brown, 56 has been chosen as Cischke’s successor. He will now be known as the Vice President of sustainability, environment and safety engineering. This may not have come as surprise as Mr Brown already has a great reputation in Europe for his performance within a similar role.

In our opinion, Ford couldn’t have asked for a better employee. Many of her colleagues will be disappointed to see such an important person leave.