No more V8 supercars for Ford 0

fordV8Ford is pulling out V8 supercars in Australia at the end of next year. There has been no official public announcement as of yet but the news has been confirmed to stakeholders.

This news comes after the American automaker company decided to close its Australian manufacturing plants by October 2016. The Ford Falcon will also be discontinued.

Disappointing for Ford Performance Racing

The only teams that currently race with Ford are Ford Performance Racing and Team Penske DJR. The Australian racing industry will be hit badly by the news. Tim Edwards, the CEO of Prodrive Racing Australia who runs FPR has already expressed his disappointment. He stated that the sizeable fan base will be let down.

Edwards did mention that it was time for his team to move on. He said that the team are already looking at other options. The FG X Falcon will continue to be entered in races next season with on-going support from Ford at a reduced level. The company will continue to pursue and explore other options for the future.

The end of the Holden and Ford rivalry

Ford’s rivalry with Holden in the sport was one of the most compelling and attractive features of the V8 Supercar championship. This has been happening since the beginning of the championship, from 1997. It will be a big disappointment for V8 fans to see this particular battle come to an end. In 2013, Mercedes, Volvo and Nissan joined the supercar series.

The news has ended months of speculation. Edwards looked back on the success with his team being supported by Ford, saying “We have enjoyed a highly-successful relationship with Ford Australia with just shy of 50 race wins, 150 podiums and the last two Bathurst 1000 crowns together,”