More than 300 jobs to be created at Ford Dagenham 0

FordFord has announced that they will create 318 new jobs at their Dagenham factory. The plans come after a £190 million investment for low carbon engines.

Production at the Dagenham plant is increasing. The funding will be pushed towards more low carbon diesel engines are in demand for Ford cars and vans. £8.9 million of the total investment comes from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund.

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has outlined the importance of the company’s new strategy. He said “From pencil line to production line, these engines will be fully designed and built in the UK, securing the future of the plant at Dagenham.”

David Cameron, the Prime Minister was full of praise to Ford’s “commitment to Dagenham and the UK”. He went on to say how the job creation at the Dagenham plant represents plans to “secure a brighter future for Britain”.

With Ford securing such financial backing from the Government, it is clearly great news for the British automotive industry. It certainly contrasts the news of 2012. 2 years ago Ford decided to close two plants that operate in the UK, with a loss of 1,400 jobs. The lack of demand for cars that were mass produced was the main reason behind the problem.

The decision to create greener engines comes as part of a bigger plan for Ford. In October, the company announced that they are to build carbon engines for commercial vehicles. The £287 project included £9.2 million of British taxpayers’ money.

Both production projects will see both commercial and private vehicles equipped with new engines by the year’s 2016 and 2018. It is expected that 500,000 of the 2 litre engines will be made per year.

The Ford Dagenham plant is the company’s biggest in the UK. They employ 2,800 people at the factory and produce 50% of the company’s global supply of diesel engines.