Limited Edition Ford’s Coming Soon 0

Everyone loves a limited edition vehicle even if it cannot be owned. They are good to look at and usually come with additional power and technological abilities too, so what is there not to love? When historical events are celebrated with a limited edition car it is even better. So, with Fords recent announcement of a Le Mans based vehicle, we should soon see a limited edition collection coming soon.


The limited edition Le Mans collection celebrates Ford’s triumph in the 1966 race. In this race, Ford claimed the first, second and third places, this was the first time this had happened in the competitions history.

Ford will therefore be issuing 50 versions of four new vehicles making the total Le Mans collection 200 strong. The four vehicles which will be offered as part of the limited edition collection will be the Focus RS and ST, Fiesta ST and the Ford Mustang GT V8. So, in this collection there is a range of vehicles for a range of customers which is a move most limited collections do not offer.

The Ford vehicles will have some extra body details which will be very reminiscent of the 1966 GT40 racer which won the race 50 years ago. The vehicles will also have a custom paint job to replicate the winning vehicle. Painted in a Black Mika with grey racing stripes, this collection will certainly turn heads in the street.

As previously mentioned, no limited edition vehicles come without any powertrain upgrades. Each car will be given a special package to set it apart from the usual vehicles. For example, the Focus RS and ST will receive comfort and premium and style packages. The Fiesta ST will receive a performance and parking packages whilst the Mustang will have a premium package.

If you were after one of the limited editions then you may be in luck as they are not overly expensive but, unluckily for us, they will only be available in France.

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