Is the Ford Mustang no longer a pure muscle car? 0

fordMustangSince its release, the Ford Mustang has been an iconic muscle car across the world, containing power and and attitude in abundance. Being in its celebratory 50th year, many believe that the car hasn’t quite maintained it’s fierce demeanor.

The Mustang has been so iconic to so many that it has embodied what an American car is all about.

Experts have driven the car, receiving a wealth of praise from all angles for performing like a top-class sports car. However some have felt that some traditions are missing. Being a Mustang, many feel that those specific embodiments in which make the vehicle so iconic has been compromised for modern day requirements.


The 2015 Mustang better at taking corners

Those conventional characteristics that we relate to the Mustang, such as its beast engines and racing in a straight line at extreme speeds meant that the car’s cornering was compromised. Ford have decided to make a change, replacing the live-Axel rear suspension, a previously common feature within a Mustang, and have installed a new independent unit. Now, the latest model provides a huge contrast when compared to previous models. Taking corners at speed is a much more seamless task, with the wheels firmly being planted on the road and the vehicle’s body being well-balanced.

Still coming with typical Mustang power

New modern suspension helps the Mustang keep all of the 435 BHP under control. That immense power develops from the vehicle’s 5.0 litre V8 engine. It not only wants the revs, it needs the revs, with power feeling almost unlimited at times.

Not so typical muscle car features

The interior displays some luxurious and high quality materials. Previous models seems to have compromised those elements for the car’s ‘Muscle’ reputation. Some notable pieces of technology within include the MyFord Touch infotainment system, which adopts Ford Sync and uses adaptive cruise control. There is also adjustable steering settings and an electronic drive-mode selector, with choices of Normal, Sport, Track and Snow available to be selected. All of these may come as quite a surprise for fans as these features aren’t typically associated with the Ford Mustang.

Would the end of muscle cars be such a bad thing?

Overall, it would appear that the ruthless, aggressive and powerhouse tone of the Ford Mustang seems to have been transformed somewhat into one that’s slightly more classy. But all in all that’s not a bad thing. Ford have made sure that the car still achieves what it has always been able too, and a lot more on top of that.

Perhaps the Muscle car is now outdated. Room is being made for more cars which keep all the power and excitement, but embody more style and adapt to modern automotive demands more.