Imagine Buying A 727HP Mustang for $40,000 0

If you have ever had a wild dream that this occurred then you may be physic because it is actually happening in the United Sates right now. And no, we are not joking around, you can buy a more powerfully customised Mustang for that smallish amount of money (well in comparison to how much they are usually sold for).


Lebanon, Ohio Ford Dealership has and is still actually selling brand new Roush Supercharged Ford Mustang vehicles for $39,995. The company have stated that they are not working for profit with the sales of the Mustang. Charlie Watson, Head of the Roush parts department at Lebanon Ford told an American automotive magazine that the car is part of a decision they made “to focus on establishing a nationwide base of enthusiasts rather than making huge profits on each car.” And the company seems to be keeping with this philosophy. When the basic cost of a Ford Mustang costs around $32, 395, and a Roush Phase 2 supercharger kit, which adds the extra power is sold at £7549.99, then the combined price is $39,945. As a result of this then, the Lebanon Ford Dealership only makes around $50 profit on each the supercharged pony cars they sell.

Lebanon, Ohio Ford Dealership also offers a three year 30,000 mile guarantee on all parts too. The company also delivers to anywhere in the United States and they also offer a 0% down payment for anyone who has a good credit rating. So the company seem to really care for the cars and hope that the interest they generate through their cheap prices will benefit a car that encapsulates American culture. Although it sounds too good to be true, all we can say really, is lucky for the state of Ohio as they get to benefit from what sounds to be the greatest car dealership of all time…