Full speed ahead for Ford in China 0

Ford-logoFord are progressing extremely well in China it has been reported. The American company has been expanding their line-up and are producing some great results.

The Chinese car market is a very difficult to break into, given that are already so many dominant foreign car brands already in the country. Ford have done extremely well considering that. So far for the first two months of the year the company’s sales have increased by 46 per cent when compared to the same time period 1 year ago.

Ford faring better than rivals

That’s a massive increase by anyone’s standards. Ford even managed to beat main American rivals General Motors in terms of growth. Toyota and Honda, who are major players in China saw a decline in sales.

Recording such strong gains in what is slow growing market shows remarkable progress. Ford recorded  a 7 per cent increase in sales in February. That comes despite a week off in sales thanks to Chinese New Year.

Ford One strategy

What does all of this prove? It shows that Ford’s One strategy is doing extremely well. At present the company’s operations in Europe have turned sour with the company expected to make huge losses.

Ford has two different joint ventures in the country. These have helped Ford’s branding across the nation and has effectively helped sales.

New models and marketing strategy

The new Ford Focus has been a focal point of the company’s recent success in China. The latest model was labelled as the ‘New Focus’ and the older version was called the ‘Classic Focus’. This clever marketing tactic proved to be a great bit of genius.

Ford has announced that they want 15 new models released in the country by the year 2015. The Ford Kuga was within those plans and after being released, it has proven to be successful. It is similar to the Escape SUV which is seen in the United States market. The Escape was seen was for the first time in the Chinese market at the beginning of the year and has been competing well with the likes of the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Honda CR-V.

More vehicles to come include the Ford EcoSport SUV. This is a highly anticipated vehicle which is a cheap car based upon on the Ford Fiesta. It is expected to extremely well in the Chinese car market and help Ford raise their profile even further.