Ford’s new F-150 Raptor 0

ford-raptorTake a look at Ford’s finest pickup yet. The American automotive company claim that it is their “toughest, smartest, most capable truck for ultimate off-road performance”. Based on what they have presented to us so far, it is quite hard to disagree with that statement.

EcoBoost keeping Ford one step ahead

Despite Ford downsizing their engine in their new F-150 Raptor, it is actually more powerful. Not only that, it also comes with better economy too. How? The company’s tremendous EcoBoost technology is continuing to help Ford stay one step ahead of rivals. Ultimately, the aim of the engine is to keep with the everlasting demands of the environment by delivering great economical benefits and at the same time allowing the engine to deliver an exciting performance.

Ford’s latest pickup truck has adopted a 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost engine, leaving the predecessor’s 6.2 litre engine behind. Proving to be more advanced in all aspects, the new engine will prove to be an attractive prospect to its target audience, despite it sounding like quite a comedown from the previous 6.2 litre V8. Power and horsepower details haven’t yet been revealed, but we do know that the car will achieve more than 411 BHP and 434lb ft of torque. An awesome 10 speed gearbox, designed for better efficiency has been named as the vehicle’s transmission.

Lighter, more militant and more state-of-the-art

The vehicle’s new toque-on-demand transfer case will deliver better traction for the vehicle, helping to advance both its on-road and off-road capabilities. Ford have also shaved 500lbs of the vehicle’s weight, installing a new “high strength, military grade aluminum body”, greatly helping to improve the vehicle’s economic and performance statistics. A new Terrain Management System allows the driver to change the character of the car depending on the conditions outside.

Determined to improve the drive and handling of the vehicle, Ford have included a brand new suspension system along with front and rear shock absorbers at the front and rear.

Is this the perfect off-roader?

Ford’s marketing campaign for their new Raptor highly emphasizes the benefits of off-road driving. A new dual exhaust, fitted with 17 inch off-road tyres being on the showcase of the vehicle help to deliver that point. Being the “toughest” and most durable F-150 yet that the company have to offer, the vehicle will no doubt attract the likes of those who want to the “ultimate off-road driving experience”.