Ford’s Electric Plan 0

The world of the electric car is rapidly growing in size and it only plans to get bigger in the coming few years. In the US a few years ago, Tesla was the only company who sold or even began thinking about the idea of selling electric based vehicles. Now however, the tables have turned as Ford are the biggest producer and seller of electric vehicles (which includes plug-in hybrids).

Ford in the up and coming months, will attempt to further this gap. This was originally stated in September 2015 as Ford promised to spend around $4.5 billion on creating a 13 strong EV range by 2020. But recent reports suggest that Ford want to do even better than that.

Ford will start to roll out multiple plug-in hybrids as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that they see them as the best short term option. By utilising plug-in hybrids, Ford will begin to create a foothold in a market where range anxiety still dominates.

Ford’s Electric Plan

Range anxiety is a fear which Ford hopes to eradicate quickly. The plug-in hybrid is one way of doing this, whilst pushing for homeowners and businesses to all have charge points is the second way. Ford’s global director of sustainability John Viera, has been quoted in saying that ‘Before we can talk about public charging, if we can encourage people to purchase charging equipment for their home, and also that their place of work has charging capabilities like we have at Ford, for many many customers that provides excellent opportunities to charge in a couple of different places, and meet a lot of their needs.’

Through this, Ford hope that they will certainly be able to reach their target of having 40 percent of their fleet electrified by 2020. This will of course be a huge task to complete but with their excellent electrification strategy, we are sure that they will be able to accomplish this.

Photo credit: Ford Motor Company press release