Ford’s Dagenham plant becomes unlikely nature reserve 0

Ford’s plant at Dagenham has become an unlikely havan for nature with over 50 species of bird making their homes in the area surrounding the site.

The factory, located 15 miles from central London, builds a variety of power systems for Ford vehicles and is surrounded by nestable vegetation and water which has proved to be the perfect conditions for a wide variety of different bird species.

The senior site supervisor, Tony Shale says employees of the plant help protect the area, making it as hospitable as possible for the wildlife. New trees are regularly planted, fish stocks are resupplied and the numerous waterways surrounding the complex are regularly cleared.

“The wildlife habitat on the Dagenham estate covers a large part of the site, and its importance is recognized by employees and is really ingrained into the culture at the plant,” Shade says in a statement. “New drivers on site are warned to be aware of wildlife crossing the roads.”

Ford Dagenham work with both the Forestry Commission and London waterways charity, Thames21.

The site includes a natural lake called the Breach, formed 300 years ago when the Thames burst its banks. The river Beam also runs through the complex.

The area is a haven for peregrine falcons, swans and Canada geese and is one of the largest wader roost locations in London.

The endangered UK mammal, the European water vole has a colony at the site and the rare Adonis ladybird can also be seen on occasion.

Since it was opened in 1931, the plant at Dagenham has produced over 37 million engines and 11 million cars. Nowadays it uses a state-of-the-art production line to build a range of technologically super-advanced diesel engines, including the 2.0L Ford EcoBlue.

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